What could we see from DJI in 2022?

This year we saw a good number of new DJI products hit the shelves, but what awaits us next year? A leaked timeline could clue us in.

According to leaker DealsDrone, we could expect up to six new products from DJI in 2022. Of course, most of what we know about these products are speculations, but if the leaks turn out to be accurate, we are in for a hell of a year.

Mini 3… or FPV Mini?

According to the leaker, the first drone from DJI we might see is a new Mini in April. It has been over a year since the Mini 2 was released, so it is due for an update. Whether or not this ends up being a revamped design or something like a Mini 2 SE is yet to be known, but a successor to the popular drone is exciting.

Notable leaker OsitaLV joined in the speculation saying with a concept of what they believe would come if a Mini 3 is coming. First, they stated the Mini 3 would have a new aerodynamic design with slopped wings allowing for larger blades. Paired with an extended battery, it would mean increased flight time. Hopefully, we will find more information with more hard facts soon.

The Mini 3 is paired with the supposedly new FPV Mini coming in the middle of 2022. DJI’s entry into the FPV space was relatively successful with the initial stand-alone product. So a mini version would probably do very well too, especially if it comes in below 250 grams, skirting by some regulations in North America. However, the leaker is not sure about this as a product. So this could mean no FPV Mini, maybe the Mini 3 will support DJI’s FPV Goggles, however, that was speculated for the Air 2S and it didn’t come true, so who knows.

Inspire 3

Rumors of a successor to the Inspire 2 began in 2018 with drawings and possible specs by OsitaLV. The rumors seem to be back, but this time with a launch date. Although again, we don’t know the details, but increased power efficiency, payload capacity, and camera options are always welcomed. According to DealsDrone, the Inspire 3 is expected as soon as September.

RS3 or RSC3

DJI’s RS and RSC gimbals make an appearance on the spreadsheet. The RS 2 and RSC 2 made significant improvements from their first-generation versions and brought many onboard with the system. So what could a third-generation look like? No more integrated grip batteries? Improved tracking software and more options in the gimbal’s menu?

If you use either of these gimbals, let us know in the comments what you want to see in the third generation coming as soon as July.

Pocket 3

A heated item of debate is the Pocket 3 debut on the list. The powerful handheld gimbal camera is also looking at a possible refresh toward the end of next year. It seems like people either love or hate the Pocket line of cameras, so if you are a user, list the features you want to see below. Is 8K a possibility? Personally, I think 4k 120 would be a nice addition.

Again, remember that these are speculations, but DealsDrone states they are 100% confident in the Mini 3, Inspire 3, and 85% with the FPV Mini development. However, the dates are up in the air, so stay tuned for updates on these possible new products.

Anything you don’t see that you want next year? Let us know in the comments below.

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