DJI Inspire 2 being discontinued to make way for Inspire 3?

DJI Inspire 2 Inspire 3

We know that the DJI Inspire line is well due for a refresh. The Inspire 2 drone has had a great run, and a lot of cinematographers consider it as an iconic device, offering plenty in terms of value. But it looks like the Inspire 2 is being officially discontinued to make way for the Inspire 3.

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What could we see from DJI in 2022?

This year we saw a good number of new DJI products hit the shelves, but what awaits us next year? A leaked timeline could clue us in.

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Rumors: DJI Mavic 3 Pro and Inspire 3 expected in 2020

Before we get into the DJI Mavic 3 Pro and Inspire 3 rumors, let’s take a step back and reflect a little on what has happened with DJI in 2019. Over the last few weeks, a lot of attention has been given to the DJI Mavic Mini (from DJI or Amazon), and rightfully so, as this new sub-250-gram can surely hold its own among the other DJI Mavic drones. But why is it that this capable mini-drone is all we got from DJI in 2019? What happened to all the other DJI drones that were rumored to be released, such as the DJI Phantom 5, the DJI Spark 2, the DJI Inspire 3 and even the temporary return of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0? Where are they? And, maybe more importantly, what does this mean for 2020? What can we expect from DJI next year?

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New drawings of the DJI Inspire 3 and Zenmuse X6, X7s, X8 (FF) surface online

This morning we woke up to new drawings of the rumored DJI Inspire 3, as well as an expansion of the Zenmuse cameras with the X6, X7s, and X8. The Inspire 3 is expected to be introduced towards the end of this year and we assume that the cameras will be part of that same announcement. The DJI Inspire drone and cameras are aimed at the professional drone market with prices for the Inspire 2 starting out at $2,999, but that can easily reach $10,000 once you add a high-quality camera and lenses. The DJI Inspire Cinema Premium Combo package tops out at an eye-watering $20,179. We expect pricing to be in the same range (maybe even higher) for the upcoming Inspire 3.

Updated at 12.30pm with additional specs

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Update on DJI rumors: Mavic Pro 2, Phantom 5, Inspire 3 and a new fixed wing drone

Another day, another rumor? Well, today we have a few rumors for you. They cover the DJI Mavic Pro 2, the Phantom 5, the Inspire 3 and an all-new fixed-wing VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) drone for industrial purposes.

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