DJI Mini 3, FPV Mini, Phantom 5, Autel Nano, Skydio… New drones of 2022! [Video]

This week on the DroneDJ YouTube channel, Yifei and Seth discussed what they expect to come out from the drone industry this year.

DJI: Mini 3, FPV Mini, and possibly more

We have an entire article detailing the possibly leaked timeline of DJI’s product announcements for 2022. It showed both consumer and professional drones up for upgrades and a new product, an FPV Mini.

We still don’t know a lot about these products or if they really are coming to the market. However, if they are real, this is what we would like to see.

Mini 3

A refresh to DJI’s cheapest and smallest consumer drone wouldn’t be a surprise; it is an extremely popular market. Increased flight time, improved camera specs, and of course staying under 250 grams is a must. The success of DJI’s Mini series has caused companies like Autel to join in the competition with its Nano series. It would be interesting what smart features DJI can add to compete with Autel. Obstacle avoidance? Quickshots? Anything would be nice to have.

Section of OsitaLV’s drawing of a possible Mini 3. Credit: OsitaLV

FPV Mini

There is still debate if this is an actual product or a rumor of FPV support coming to the Mini 3 instead. However, it would be wise of DJI to take the success of its FPV drone and put it in a smaller package. Maybe even make it less than 250 grams? I doubt it, but who knows at this point.

Inspire 3 and Phantom 5?

Ah yes, DJI’s professional drones, where you can choose between the immensely capable Inspire or the iconic Phantom lines. Both are in need of an upgrade, camera systems, battery life, efficiency, etc. Maybe even a combination of the two, bringing the camera system and modularity of the Inspire with the Phantom’s flight reliability and form factor.

Autel: Nano, Lite, EVO III?

Autel released its newest drones to the world last year and then showed them off at CES. I had the opportunity to speak with GM Maxwell Lee about what went into developing its newest drones.

Autel’s entry into the more consumer-sided drone industry nudges DJI with a bit of competition. On paper, the Nano looks to be a great competitor to the DJI Mini lineup. These drones are already on the market and available to purchase, and we look forward to giving them a try and sharing our thoughts.

Autel’s EVO Lite (left) and Nano (right) next to each other. Credit: Seth Kurkowski / DroneDJ

There isn’t much to go off of when it comes to the EVO III and the rest of Autel’s lineup. According to Lee, an EVO III is in the works, but it’s not coming out anytime soon. Autel also just released a larger and more capable Dragonfish fixed-wing drone. Who knows what Autel will be releasing this year, but I would bet we see improvements to flight autonomy and its EVO Nest program, per my interview with Lee at CES.

Skydio: Was the 2+ it?

The day before CES began, Skydio announced its 2+. It is not a brand new drone, but it brings great improvements with range and flight time. That begs the question; it’s been two years, what else has Skydio been working on?

A Skydio 3 wouldn’t be a surprise, an improvement on an already solid platform would be nice to see. What would be interesting is if Skydio will take the bait and release a consumer-focused drone to compete with DJI and Autel. A Skydio Mini, perhaps? Let us know below if you would be interested in a more consumer-focused Skydio drone.

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