KFC takes ‘Wing’ with drone delivery in Australia

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Your favorite colonel is teaming up with Google’s sister company Wing to satiate those fried chicken hankerings. In about the same amount of time it takes for chicken to crisp up and get its golden hue, people in some parts of Australia will now be able to get their KFC favorites delivered by a drone.

The trial run for this initiative is being conducted in Logan, Queensland – a place Wing calls the “drone delivery capital of the world.” Wing customers in the area can get a range of hot and fresh KFC menu items delivered directly to their homes and workplaces via a drone that travels at speeds approaching 110 kph (70 mph).

The Alphabet-owned company explains that its software performs and analyses 15 million simulations each day to detect changes in weather and terrain, stress test the delivery systems, and continually improve the routing to create a custom, optimal path for the aircraft to follow to the very spot the customer selects for delivery.

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It’s worth highlighting that, with a population of 300,000, Logan helped Wing to reach the coveted milestone of 50,000 deliveries in just eight months after the on-demand residential drone delivery company started its services there.

This also explains why KFC Australia is thrilled to see drones drop off their Zinger burgers. As Kristi Woolrych, the QSR’s chief marketing officer, tells trade publication CMO:

We’re looking to target customers that want convenience and the capabilities of this service truly showcase the future of delivery. We’ve seen customers receive their food at their homes in mere minutes from placing their order via the Wing app, which is amazing. Getting up off the couch to whip up a snack could take longer. Significantly less than traditional delivery.

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