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Australian counter-UAV tech to aid Ukraine zap Russian drones while sparing its defense budget

Ukraine counter-UAV drone Australian

With Ukraine battling dozens of incoming, explosive-packed Russian drones assaulting its cities every night, one additional concern in shooting those craft down is the considerable cost to the nation’s financially strapped defense reserves that involves – a pinch an Australian counter-UAV tech producer is now acting to solve.

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SYPAQ cardboard drone’s work in Ukraine wins Oz tech award

SYPAQ drone Ukraine

In what may rank as one of the most “no kidding” cases of creativity, determination, and inspiration being given its rightful due, Australian UAV company SYPAQ Systems has been awarded the country’s 2023 tech innovation award, based in large part to the major benefits its cardboard-made drones have afforded Ukraine’s defensive efforts.

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Drone with advanced radio-telemetry system tracks wildlife in Australia

australia drone wildlife track telemetry

The unparalleled flexibility that comes with drones being able to carry a multitude of sensors, high-resolution cameras, and survey-grade mapping payloads has seen them being used for monitoring sensitive ecological areas and endangered species in several parts of the world. But a rather interesting case is now emerging from Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) where the conservation organization has teamed up with Wildlife Drones to deploy a drone specially equipped with an advanced radio-telemetry system to track and monitor vulnerable wildlife species.

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Oz’s SYPAQ sends Ukraine high-performance cardboard drones

SYPAQ Ukraine drones cardboard

Leading UAV developers DraganFlyQuantum-Systems, AeroVironment, and Teledyne Flir are among the companies that have provided cutting-edge aerial craft to Ukraine’s defense against the Russian invasion, but Australian firm SYPAQ Systems is distinguishing itself in that supportive effort by providing Kyiv with drones made of cardboard.

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Swoop Aero to create ‘world’s largest’ drone delivery network in Queensland

Swoop Aero drone delivery

Melbourne-based international drone delivery company Swoop Aero is ending 2022 on a high note in its domestic market, receiving an Australian government grant to extend its operation in Southern Queensland into what the firm says will be the world’s largest aerial logistics network of its kind.

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Australia: Drones worth $100K plunge into river at Perth light show

drone light show fail australia perth

A Christmas-themed drone light show organized Sunday night to “wow the people” of Perth, Australia, left onlookers suitably stunned as drones kept tumbling out of the sky and into the river below throughout the performance. “I did cry a little bit last night. I am trying not to think about it… but it was an expensive show for us,” the boss of the company behind the show said after the unprecedented fail.

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