Australia Stories September 12

An Aussie couple has been locked up in Iran after an illegal drone flight earlier this year. The couple along with another woman is looking at a ten-year plus sentence for the drone flight that would change their life forever.

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Australia Stories September 11

Natalie Malligan has been announced as Uber Air Australia‘s head, flying Australia forward in Uber Elevate’s passenger drone ambitions. The news comes after Melbourne was added to the list of cities to be first to offer Uber Air flights along with Dallas and Los Angeles.

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Australia Stories September 5

Earlier this week, Indigenous rangers from around Australia came together at this year’s Indigenous Ranger Forum to learn, share, and gain new skills. Australia’s Indigenous rangers are turning to drones to protect and watch over sacred land, save time, and make the land more manageable.

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Australia Stories August 24

An Australian drone pilot was fined AUD$7750 earlier this month in the Wollongong Magistrates Court over unsafe drone flights. The man was spotted by the public and later the NSW Police. The fine comes as the Civil Aviation Authority (CASA) is finalizing new drone laws and taking a hands-on approach in the drone community. expand full story

Australia Stories April 9

Today, Google parent Alphabet Inc’s, Wing made its first delivery by drone in Cranberry, Australia after receiving approval from the country’s Civil Aviation Authority. Initially, the drone delivery service will only be available to 100 eligible homes in Grace, Palmerston, and Franklin. Later it will be slowly expanded to other customers in Harrison and Gungahlin.

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Australia Stories January 14

Around the world, and especially in Australia, lifeguards are using drones to spot for sharks and to deliver lifevests or personal flotation devices (PFD’s) to swimmers and surfers in need. In most of these cases larger and more expensive commercial drones are used. Not in this case, however, where creative lifeguards decided to use a regular DJI Mavic Pro. The drone is equipped with a bait release system, commonly used by fishermen, that releases the PFD when the drone reaches the swimmer or surfer in need. Basic, inexpensive and it gets the job done. Bravo!

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