Australia Stories August 15

The summer of 2018 will be remembered as a very hot and dry one. Many parts of the world experienced very high temperatures and extreme drought that led to wildfires, water shortages and all kinds of other problems. The state of New South Wales in Australia wasn’t spared either as they were hit with a 100% drought, causing farmers to struggle with failing crops, reduced livestock feed, and limited water supplies. In an article from The Guardian, photographer David Gray shows us that the drought, when seen from the air, can provide some really artful scenes. David captured them with his drone for all of us to see. Check them out below.

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Australia Stories August 2

Robert Capa famously said that: “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” It seems that the same holds true for drone photography and videography. Check out this video that was shared on Facebook a few days ago. It shows a huge Marlin fighting for its freedom and the action is being captured by a DJI Phantom drone. The drone pilot flies the aircraft so close to the action that the footage is simply spectacular.

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Australia Stories May 21

Australian aviation authority, CASA launches a new campaign, that seems mostly aimed at children who might receive a drone as a present, to increase the awareness of the rules for new drone pilots. The campaign is called: “Rules apply when you fly!” and consists of a one-minute video animation that quickly explains the most important rules a drone pilot should be aware of.

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Australia Stories February 10

A 22-year-old man, an international tourist, drowned on Wednesday while swimming near Fingal Beach in Northern New South Wales, Australia. For the first time, drones played a role in retrieving the body from the ocean.

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Australia Stories January 18

Today two teenagers got in distress when they were swimming in rough seas off the shore of Lennox Head in New South Wales, Australia. The lifeguards on duty did not waste any time and deployed the Little Ripper rescue drone to fly out to the swimmers and drop a flotation device. The two boys were able to grab the device, hold on to it and swim safely back to shore where they were met by lifeguards and only appeared to show signs of fatigue.

According to Ben Franklin, parliamentary secretary for Northern New South Wales, the whole event took 70 seconds instead of the 6 minutes it normally takes a lifeguard to reach people in need.

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Australia Stories December 7, 2017

Have a look at this video of a man dancing on top of a harvester while the dark sky lights up behind him with lightning strikes. It is quite an amazing scene. The video is shot with a drone and the higher vantage point adds drama and enables you to see things you may otherwise miss. Kind of like this guy in the ocean. The drone video was recorded in the town of Toowoomba, Queensland, which is close to Brisbane on the east coast of Australia.

In the video, the drone slowly circles the harvester and you get a good view of the dark and ominous looking scene. The frequent lightning strikes in the beginning of the clip help set the mood for what only can be described as the world’s most dramatic harvest dance ever.

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