Lumicopter makes confined-space inspection more accessible with DJI FPV drone


Singapore-based drone solutions company Avetics Global says it’s set to make confined-space inspection more accessible with an affordable new product, Lumicopter. Combining the DJI FPV drone with a custom-made protective shell and LED light, Lumicopter has been designed to fly in enclosed or hazardous facilities such as storage tanks, building interiors, powerplants, ships, etc.

While the drone camera is capable of capturing crystal clear videos of up to 4K 60 fps, a 4,000 lumens LED system makes the Lumicopter ready for low-light indoor inspections as well. The solution, which can be deployed quickly without any complex installation, can roll around tight corners, detect damage, and send a live video feed to the controlling tablet to reduce the safety risk for workers.

Additional features include a controllable single-axis camera tilt of up to 108° and reducing the need for drone maneuvering during the inspection. The solution leverages a downward vision sensor for altitude position hold and better flying stability. The makers promise signal penetration of up to three floors in a concrete stairwell (no line of sight), while safety features such as a forward distance sensor for obstacle avoidance are also available.

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Now, the idea to enclose a drone in a shell for confined-space inspections is nothing new. But what really sets Lumicopter apart from the competition is its price. The complete solution set – comprising of the drone with 10 batteries, an Android tablet, and a whole gamut of accessories – costs only $6,500.

As Wei Liang, founder of Lumicopter, explains:

We want to use our expertise in drones and robotics to design reliable, cost-effective, collision-resistant indoor inspection drones for industrial use, to help other businesses improve their inspection efficiency at a fraction of the current market cost.

Lumicopter can be used in various fields such as oil and gas, construction, power and utility, public safety, sewers, etc.

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