Exodigo wants to end the era of blind digs with underground mapping drones

exodigo underground mapping drones

Israeli startup Exodigo is announcing the commercial availability of its subsurface mapping platform in the US with a bang. The tech company has scooped up a cool $29 million in seed funding to make underground mapping easier with drones.

The Exodigo sensor system is a nonintrusive subterranean mapping platform that has been designed especially for construction, mining, and utility firms. Combining advances in 3D imaging and artificial intelligence, the sensor can rapidly create a digital geolocated, 3D map of buried assets – right from man-made pipes and cables to soil layers, rocks, minerals, and even groundwater across any terrain.

Jeremy Suard, co-founder and CEO of Exodigo, likens his company’s technology to fusing the scanning power of an MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound into one small device. Suard says:

Our powerful combination of advanced sensor technologies and proprietary AI platform provides users with a safe, fast way to get a complete view of what lies beneath the surface with unprecedented precision.

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While there’s no denying that traditional underground discovery techniques are grossly outdated and often inaccurate, Exodigo’s own estimates suggest more than $100 billion is spent every year on unnecessary excavation and drilling to discover what lies underground in an attempt to avoid hitting gas pipelines, water sources, oil, and other potential hazards.

This is why Israel Canada, a leading development group in Israel, is extremely excited about Exodigo’s commercial availability. Asaf Touchmair, owner and chairman of the board at Israel Canada, notes:

Offering next-generation noninvasive subsurface imaging, Exodigo delivers precise and complete data faster than other solutions. It can help businesses avoid unexpected consequences like spills and explosions that cost millions of dollars each year and lost time accidents.

Exodigo plans to commence pilot projects in California, Florida, and Texas in the weeks ahead. The company will use the cash infusion to accelerate its expansion, with a focus on building a California-based team to support the commercial rollout in the US.

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