SkyGrid releases iOS all-in-one Flight Control drone app worldwide

SkyGrid Flight Control drone

Drone operation and management software specialist SkyGrid has announced the extension of its popular Flight Control app from US distribution to worldwide release under a new iOS format. The free smartphone and tablet utility provides users a range of services built into the same, easy-to-use application.

The product of a joint venture between Boeing and SparkCognition, SkyGrid provides an airspace management and UAV flight control system that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain tech to enable safe and data-secure deployment. The SkyGrid Flight Control app allows drone operators to explore airspace, automate flights, and get real-time insights as part of a single, integrated solution permitting safe and efficient operation.

The company says its SkyGrid Flight Control can simplify drone mission planning and execution, and allow operators to autonomously monitor a defined area to detect objects present in it in real time. Powered by AI computer vision, the app facilitates more efficient search and rescue missions, disaster response, perimeter surveillance, site inspections, and other flight objectives. Its incorporation of blockchain tech, meanwhile, creates transparency in all UAV flights while providing secure, accurate audit trails.

Originally released in September 2020 in the US for Windows phones only, later versions for iPads are now being made available for all iOS products, including iPhones. The entire array is now also accessible to drone pilots internationally.

“After the positive response to our iPad application in the US, we are now making SkyGrid Flight Control accessible from both the iPad and iPhone iOS, and available to a global audience of drone users,” said Amir Husain, CEO of SkyGrid. “We think this application is a critical unlock in providing users with a seamless solution and encouraging more drones in the global airspace. Simultaneously, SkyGrid continues to progress towards a future where (uncrewed and piloted) aviation coexists. We’re already solving some of the most complex problems in the drone industry, and our journey has just begun.”

The main features and functionalities on the free iOS application are:

  • Airspace intelligence: Provides a map of airspace classes, boundaries, temporary flight restrictions, notices to air crew, and other advisories
  • Weather layers: Details local precipitation, wind speed and direction, temperature, cloud cover, and more
  • Automated flight planning: Automatically generates area exploration, waypoint, and multi-objective missions based on custom flight parameters, such as desired speed, altitude, and location
  • Autonomous flight execution: Launches the mission to autonomously perform the predefined flight plan or scheduled flight

US-based drone pilots, meanwhile, will also be able to use SkyGrid Flight Control to receive automated authorization to fly in controlled airspaces near airports through its integration with the Federal Aviation Administration’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability.

More advanced features are also available to enterprise customers seeking to deploy, manage, and scale their drone operations. Those include AI-based mission planning and rerouting, multi-drone missions, custom object detection, geofencing, alerts, and other utilities.

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