Skyfire unveils SF2 drone for public safety and critical missions

Skyfire SF2 drone

Specialized Atlanta-based UAV consulting firm Skyfire is itself launching into aerial action with the release of its SF2 drone, which is designed and manufactured specifically for public safety and critical sector operators.

Mining the insights and feedback from a decade of work with public safety and first responder clients, Skyfire decided to develop the SF2 as a critical use drone tailored to the needs of services intervening in what are often life-and-death emergencies. Built with aerospace-grade aluminum and carbon fiber materials designed to withstand extreme situations, the UAV’s payload-agnostic design leaves it adaptable to the widely varying uses and objectives of different mission circumstances.

Skyfire’s entry into specialized drone manufacturing with the SF2 was motivated by the understanding, insight, and feedback it gathered in its work with hundreds of US public safety and critical sector clients as they navigated the Federal Aviation’s certification of authorization process. Relying on that information flow from diverse partners, Skyfire decided to provide solutions to shortcomings and close operational gaps it was hearing about.

The result is the UAV tailor-made to emergency and first responder needs, yet still flexible enough for diversified deployment goals within that category.

“Skyfire has taken its nearly ten years of public safety UAS experience and used feedback from hundreds of clients to design SF2 into an aircraft made specifically for the unpredictable conditions seen by first responders,” said Matt Sloane, Skyfire CEO. “SF2 is a natural progression of our business as we remain focused on supporting those who protect and serve our communities by offering a drone that’s as diverse as their mission sets.” 

Adding drone manufacturing to its activities was clearly a step Skyfire had been contemplating for sometime, with the production of the public safety SF2 craft preceded by its 2020 majority stake acquisition of Viking UAS. It had also previously provided UAVs as part of a wider consulting, training, and educational package to clients.

In addition to the rugged materials it’s constructed with, Skyfire’s SF2 features a folding boom configuration permitting public safety users to transport the drone in a backpack or lightweight case for rapid deployment.

The UAV has a maximum speed of 55 mph and flight time of 45 minutes on a single charge using standard payloads. It’s agnostic design, however, means it can be equipped with a variety of cameras and sensors ­– including FLIR Duo Pro R, Wiris Pro, and Sony mapping gear – for a top payload of 14 lbs. 

Skyfire’s SF2 aerial offering comes with a Herelink integrated remote controller whose maximum transmission distance is six miles, and onboard Pixhawk Cube Orange tech. W.S. Darley Co. has been selected as the drone’s first official reseller, based on its established relationships within public safety, security, and Department of Defense customers.

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