DJI rolls out new M300 RTK firmware update

DJI M300 RTK firmware

DJI has released a firmware update of its top-drawer M300 RTK enterprise drone, with alterations focusing on improved battery performance and life.

The upgrade follows DJI’s last major M300 RTK firmware revamp in October, which introduced significant new data security and filming enhancements. The new v03.01.00.14 aircraft software will primarily affect the Matrice 300 RTK’s battery functions. Among those are an updated default period for triggering self-discharge of two days, which DJI says will reduce high level storage time and thereby prolong battery life.

DJI says the new M300 RTK firmware also contains a new feature preventing the aircraft from flying when the battery temperature is lower than 10°C to avoid possible failure and damage to the drone. 

It also includes an increased self-heating cut-off temperature of the battery so it will function at room temperatures. Because discharge performance is better at moderate temperatures than lower ones, the change improves flight safety. Other relatively minor bugs related to occasional recharging problems are also fixed.

Additional tech covered in the update include the Android Pilot app, D-RTK 2 Mobile Station for Matrice, Zenmuse camera functionality, DJI Skyport, DJI Assistant 2, remote controller, and built-in DJI Pilot app.

The firmware upgrade can be made using DJI’s Fly app once the M300 RTK has been powered on and linked. When the alert for available upgrades appears, users should tap into the firmware page and hit “upgrade all.”

The process is then carried out automatically, though operators should be careful the craft isn’t turned off before it has completed – and be certain the battery is sufficiently charged to enable the entire download and installation procedure. 

DJI also notes that clients operating their M300 RTKs using Custom Network RTK must update the aircraft firmware to v01.00.02.14 or later to make sure it doesn’t begin operating abnormally. It also warns that the drone cannot revert to firmware version or earlier once the firmware is updated.

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