Firmware update Stories November 12

Billy Kyle explains in a video on YouTube the DJI Mavic Mini firmware update with example photos and video footage. Billy noted that the photos looked much better with fewer blown-out highlights. And it seems that DJI indeed made the Mavic Mini (from DJI or Amazon) more stable right after take-off. I haven’t had a chance to check out the firmware update myself but check out Billy’s video as he does a great job comparing the drone’s performance before and after the update.

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Firmware update Stories June 26

It seems that DJI is less focused on drones this year, likely because of all the suspicion around unmanned aircraft to be used as spying devices. Some of the latest products, the Chinese drone maker released have nothing to do with flying at all. They are the DJI RoboMaster S1, the DJI Osmo Action, and the DJI Osmo Pocket, for which DJI released new firmware today.

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DJI Mavic Pro

Firmware update Stories June 10

New Osmo Action firmware released by DJI – v01.03.00.10

New Osmo Action firmware released. The day before DJI will release its next new product, the drone maker updates its most recent product, the DJI Osmo Action with a new firmware version. The new firmware promises to optimize the 8x slow-motion video quality as well as fix a number of issues. Read below for all the details.

Firmware update Stories May 20

The DJI Osmo Action is off to a very good start. Many people seemed to doubt if DJI’s action camera could stand up to competition from GoPro’s Hero 7 black. However, many of the initial reviews show that the DJI Osmo Action is actually quite an amazing little action camera. The electronic image stabilization, RockSteady does an amazing job and, of course, having two display does make recording a lot easier. If you bought a DJI Osmo Action over the weekend, be sure to update it to DJI’s latest firmware before using. The new update brings some final touches and improvements to things such as the sound system, RockSteady, the WiFi connection, and improved Timelapse and HDR video quality.

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Firmware update Stories May 16

DJI just released a firmware update for the DJI Osmo Pocket, version v01.07.00.20. The file size is about 99MB and brings improvements for the focus speed, reduced focus pulsing, added the Hyperlapse feature and volume adjustment for an external microphone. Sounds like a small update? Not really. We use the DJI Osmo Pocket for a lot of recordings and these improvements make a big difference. Yeah, a full frame DSLR will outperform the DJI Osmo Pocket in resolution and low light performance, but it will never outperform the Osmo Pocket when it comes to portability. This little guy goes anywhere!

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Firmware update Stories May 8

Earlier today, DJI released already the third new firmware update for the DJI Phantom 4 RTK in 2019. Version v02.01.0009. This time, the drone maker focusses on improving the drone’s functionality for mapping purposes with an added 3D Photogrammetry (Multi-oriented) operation type that includes a single orthographic flight route and four oblique flight routes as part of a mapping operation. After updating your drone with the new firmware you will also be able to the new Terrain Awareness Mode operation type. This allows you to upload terrain information so that the Phantom 4 RTK can follow the terrain during the flight. DJI also added a few other things and fixed a number of bugs. Details of which you can find below.

We will be sure to check in with our drone mapping expert, Paul Aitken from DroneU to learn what he thinks of this latest firmware update from DJI.

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