Bought DJI Action 2 camera? Now grab its new accessory for free

DJI Action 2 magnetic protective case prime day sale

DJI has launched a new accessory for its flagship Action 2 camera: a magnetic protective case that helps to save the camera unit from impacts, scratches, and abrasions.

If you’ve already bought and activated a DJI Action 2, you can claim a free protective case for your camera from your retailer. And if you’re planning to buy the Action 2, you can either hold off the purchase until April 1 to get a free magnetic protective case directly in the box. Or you can save $50 on the DJI Action 2 Power Combo and $80 on the Dual-Screen Combo right now and get a coupon from DJI to claim the free accessory at a later date.

DJI Action 2 magnetic protective case

The new magnetic protective case accessory for Action 2 camera is compatible with both the Power Module and Front Touchscreen Module of the Dual-Screen Combo. And it has multiple uses.

The Action 2 case is made from heat-resistant polymer. So, in addition to protecting the camera from impact, it makes the camera unit less restricted by temperature, allowing extended recording times under normal conditions. Extended by how much, you ask?

The following chart summarizes the maximum recording duration (when Auto-Stop Rec Temp is set to High) under different video specifications and stabilization modes when the CAMERA UNIT is mounted with the magnetic protective case. DJI measured the data in a windless indoor environment (25 °C).

1080p/30fps50 mins*42 mins*40 mins*36 mins*
2.7K/30fps (Aspect ratio: 16:9)42 mins*40 mins*35 mins*35 mins*
4K/30fps (Aspect ratio: 16:9)42 mins*38 mins*27 mins*/
1080p/60fps35 mins*33 mins*33 mins*30 mins*
2.7K/60fps (Aspect ratio: 16:9)25 mins19 mins19 mins19 mins
4K/60fps (Aspect ratio: 16:9)24 mins16 mins16 mins/
4K/120fps/10 mins//
*DJI Action 2 will record until the battery level reaches zero.

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How to claim a free magnetic protective case for DJI Action 2 camera?

Users in North America who bought DJI Action 2 at the DJI Store, Amazon, or Best Buy, can visit Log into the DJI account that activated DJI Action 2 to check the coupon (which will be issued to the account before April 8 automatically) to place the order free of charge and get the accessory (check the DJI Store for in-stock time). For users that purchased Action 2 via other channels, DJI advises consulting the retailer directly.

If you’re located outside North America, visit this page to learn how to claim the free accessory.

And as mentioned earlier, the magnetic protective case will come free of charge with every DJI Action 2 purchased from April 1, 2022, onward.

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