Litchi for iOS now fully supports DJI Mini 2, Mini SE drones

litchi ios mini 2

Litchi for iOS, one of the top automated drone flying apps on the market, has added support for DJI’s most popular and affordable beginner drones: the Mini 2 and Mini SE. Additionally, preliminary support for the DJI Air 2S drone has also been added.

This compatibility was announced by Litchi with the release of iOS app version 2.12.0, right after DJI made its Mobile SDK for iOS (version 4.16) available to developers.

According to the release notes shared by Litchi, its latest iOS app:

  • Adds support for Mini 2 and Mini SE
  • Adds preliminary support for Air 2S (manual flight only)
  • Widens the capability of Photo Preview feature, allowing users to share to any app that can accept a photo, not just Facebook
  • Fixes known audio issues with Facebook/RTMP live streaming

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Issues with Air 2S drone compatibility

In addition to sub-250-gram Mini 2 and Mini SE, the updated DJI Mobile SDK for iOS is meant to support the Air 2S drone as well. This means Litchi for iOS v2.12.0 should have unlocked automated flying for DJI Air 2S too. However, while testing its features with the mid-range drone, Litchi came across some bugs in the DJI Mobile SDK.

For example, after ending an autonomous or semi-autonomous flight (waypoint/orbit/follow/track/focus/VR), it becomes necessary to restart the app in order to begin a new autonomous flight. Some issues with gimbal movements as well as disabling “collision avoidance” for Air 2S have also been noticed.

It should be noted that the app developer has already reached out to DJI and, hopefully, a fix will be on its way soon. “But we suggest flying the Air 2S manually only for now,” Litchi says.

Litchi for Android has been supporting Mini 2, Mini SE, and Air 2S since January 2022.

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