Volocopter makes first crewed flight of its 2X eVTOL in France

In the company’s next step in preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics, Volocopter performed a crewed test flight outside Paris, France.

Announced on March 24 but taking place on March 21, Volocopter took its full-scale prototype, the 2X, for a flight around Pontoise airfield in Paris.

We have demonstrated our pioneering power once again here in Paris. By flying our aircraft in a crewed configuration at a Paris airport, we are proving to one of our launch cities firsthand that our aircraft will offer a practical addition for potential airport-to-city routes.

Christian Bauer, Chief Commercial Officer of Volocopter

This was the company’s second flight of the 2X in Paris, the first happening last June. That uncrewed flight, which lasted about three minutes, showed the public what air taxis look like as the company leads the market in offering the service in Europe.

This week’s flight, in which the company didn’t disclose how long the flight lasted, performed flight tests and took measures of the 2X’s noise emissions. Volocopter and its partners will use the data to better understand the aircraft and how it will fit into everyday life.

Volocopter is demonstrating its dominance in the eVTOL industry

Volocopter has flown several flights around Asia, as its region’s politics has been much friendlier to eVTOL and other air taxi developments. However, Volocopter has been able to push through the red tape in Europe, gaining approval from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency for its design and production. So far, it is the only company to achieve this status.

This flight comes less than a month after the company announced the departure of Volocopter’s long-time CEO, Florian Reuter; Reuter has built the company up from just a handful of employees to over 500. The former CEO of Airbus Defence & Space, Dirk Hoke, is transitioning into the role. In September, that transition is expected to be finished, with Reuter’s complete departure.

Volocopter aims to be ready to perform air taxis service in Paris when the Olympic and Paralympic Games come to the city in 2024. This flight is just one step closer to achieving that goal.

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