Volansi unveils long-distance VOLY 50 adaptable payload drone

Volansi VOLY 50 drone

Autonomous vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone manufacturer Volansi has unveiled its new VOLY 50 series of UAVs designed for long-haul transport of flexible payloads.

San Francisco-based Volansi said the new VOLY 50 VTOL will extend the range users can fly the fixed-wing drone to increasingly remote destinations and offer a greater diversity of cargo transported than ever before. As such, the company said the new generation of UAVs are ready to provide enhanced transport solutions to the private sector as well as public and military customers.

The lightweight vehicles can fly up to eight hours at top speeds of 70 mph, and as a VTOL craft, require little takeoff terrain and no infrastructure. VOLY 50 drones are built with redundant lift motors and a modular, plug-and-play design, allowing for rapid and accurate assembly in the field by a minimal personnel.

Volansi says its VOLY 50 series was conceived to meet the rigorous requirements of businesses operating drones from or to remote locations. They also meet the demands of military customers for flexible vehicles for aerial logistics that also have a small footprint. 

The new generation of UAVs are easily adaptable to transporting commercial cargo, as well as tech necessary for the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications of private security and armed forces clients.

“The VOLY 50 was designed with the flexibility to meet the growing demand for rapid delivery of critical assets as well as to conduct ISR missions using a small operational footprint,” said Volansi CEO Hannan Parvizian. “With its long-haul capability and modular design, the VOLY 50 represents a new opportunity to completely disrupt how critical assets are delivered, by minimizing personnel, and filling the gap where traditional delivery mechanisms were unable to achieve the mission.”

The initial run of the gasoline-powered VOLY 50s operate using a fixed-wing, pusher-driven forward flight mode. Volansi says future versions will allow for users to opt for either heavy-fuel – JP5/JP8/Kerosene ­­– or gasoline engines, depending on the resources clients use and stock most.

During the presentation of the craft, Volansi said its VOLY 50 drones will reach low-rate production in 2023 and will be compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act.

Launch of the new VOLY 50 series comes nearly nine months after Volansi successfully completed the first-ever autonomous drone deliveries between two ships, using the VOLY 10 and 20 series VTOL UAVs.

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