VTOL Stories October 5

Transport Canada has accepted the documentation surrounding the Quantix Mapper Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft (VTOL). That means the aircraft can be used for Advanced Operations in Canada — which means using the drone in advanced airspace, flying it with less than 30 meters horizontal separation from bystanders, or flying over people.

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VTOL Stories September 15

Volansi, Inc. today announced it has closed $50 million in a Series B round of funding. This follows a $25 million Series A from 2019. The new cash injection will help the company grow its staff, expand existing initiatives, and launch new projects.

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VTOL Stories September 14

Chinese passenger drone company Autoflight recently unveiled its V400 Albatross cargo and passenger drone at the 2020 World UAV Conference in Shenzhen, China. The company also announced its product development road map.

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VTOL Stories March 13, 2018

From Electrek:

The flying taxi company Kitty Hawk last night launched ‘Cora’, a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) personal airplane/helicopter drone hybrid that will carry a passenger. Kitty Hawk is funded by Google co-founder Larry Page and CEO-ed by Sebastian Thrun, the self-driving car pioneer who is the founding director of Google’s X lab. expand full story

VTOL Stories March 6, 2018

From Electrek:

Improvements in battery technology are quickly starting to enable manned electric flight, which some companies now want to combine with drones.

Audi and Airbus partnered with Italdesign to work together on a passenger drone/electric car hybrid concept. expand full story

VTOL Stories February 22, 2018

Over the last two days, photos and specs have been going around the internet of a supposedly new DJI fixed-wing VTOL drone. The information originated from two Twitter accounts, that in previous cases have provided very accurate information. This time, detailed photos of the drone showing DJI components and specs were released. All seemingly part of the new DJI fixed-wing VTOL drone. Today, however, we received a message from DJI today dispelling these rumors.

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