Crashed prototype drone turns out to be DJI’s long-awaited Inspire 3

In December, we reported on rumors that DJI was working on a new drone for its Inspire line of professional video drones, but no other information has been leaked or found that it’s true. Well, we finally have some photos of DJI’s Inspire 3 out in the real world… well, a crashed one, that is.

What we can learn from Inspire 3’s crashed photos?

According to OsitaLV, photos of a crashed drone appear to be the new DJI Inspire 3. The unit is obviously a test unit and must have crashed during a test flight. Luckily, it was found by someone other than the test pilot who could share photos.

We can’t tell a lot from the photos, but it does look to carry a lot of the same designs over from the Inspire 2, but other than that, we can’t determine much. No payload was visible, even any batteries that I could recognize.

We are still a ways away from seeing the Inspire 3 hit shelves. The rumored launch date is sometime in September, although we have yet to have any of those dates come true just yet. However, these crashed photos prove that DJI is testing the Inspire 3, so for those that have been using the Inspire 2, it’s time to rejoice but prepare your wallets – as it probably won’t be cheap.

In a reply asking about pricing, OstiaLV stated the price could be 1.5x DJI’s Ronin 8K camera, bringing the Inspire 3’s rumored price somewhere around $17,000. That price makes these crashed photos hurt every pilot a little bit more inside.

Now that we know it exists, hopefully, more leaked details will come out in the coming months. Let us know what you think of the photos. See anything we missed? Also, what do you want to see from DJI’s newest professional video drone? Put it all in the comments below.

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