This drone is made to catch other drones with a built-in net gun

A drone created by Aleksey Zaitsevsky shows what you get when you combine a racing drone and a net gun – a super fast drone with the sole purpose of catching other drones in its net. It’s insane to watch it fly.

The idea is to be a fast response drone that can be deployed at a moment’s notice to find and neutralize poorly behaving drones. Zaitsevsky built the prototype out of racing drones parts, so it features a high power to weight ratio, making for a pretty high top speed.

The genius part of the drone is how it deploys the net. So yeah, the first part of this article wasn’t a joke. The Drone Intercepter actually has a built-in net gun. The mechanism to deploy the net is linked to the drone’s rotor. Once activated, the rotor detaches from the drone to spread out and propel the net towards the target.

Deploying the net, of course, no longer makes a functioning drone; a parachute is deployed to allow the main assembly to be recovered and reused, allowing for the drone to somewhat land gently on the ground. This little drone could be deployed on vehicles, as Zaitsevsky says, for quick deployment.

As smaller, cheaper, and faster drones become more and more available to the general public, solutions need to be made to keep those with bad intentions out of the air. We’ve seen plenty of successful radar, laser, and other ground-based solutions to combat bad drones. Still, if the net deploy system on the Intercepter is reliable, it could be a pretty good addition to security teams.

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