Lucid’s building cleaning drones gain IoT connectivity

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Lucid Drone Technologies, a Charlotte, North Carolina–based startup that manufactures commercial spraying drones for cleaning external surfaces, is joining forces with T-Mobile for IoT connectivity and fleet management services. The news should excite property management and facility maintenance companies looking for IoT solutions to reduce risk and cut costs for exterior cleaning.

Commercial property management firms and developers are naturally interested in keeping their maintenance teams safe. But both equipment fees and liability insurance premiums are expensive. As a result, outdoor stadium and arena, hotel, and university building managers often find themselves looking for new and cost-effective alternatives.

This is where industrial spraying drone specialist Lucid comes in with a solution that is much faster and safer than traditional cleaning methods. All that’s needed is a drone, a few tanks of cleaning solution, and a hose.

The cleaning solution used by Lucid is an alternative to pressure washing, which can be damaging to different surface types. High water pressure could also hamper how the drone flies. So instead, a gentle rinse and biodegradable chemicals are used to help remove mold, mildew, algae, and other growth from the outside of buildings in a more efficient manner.

And where does T-Mobile fit into the picture? The mobile network is going to power critical capabilities for Lucid’s spraying drones, including real-time sharing of flight data, battery utilization information, hardware diagnostics, and delivery of firmware and software updates.

Additionally, T-Mobile’s IoT platform will give Lucid near real-time visibility into all their industrial spraying drones with the ability to monitor network conditions and device behavior.

In the future, Lucid should also be able to leverage T-Mobile’s 5G network for advanced use cases such as network operations center access, live streaming video, and remote piloting.

Callie Field, president of T-Mobile Business Group, sees Lucid as a great example of a customer using originality and new technology to solve complicated problems. Field sums up:

It’s not very often that you get to collaborate with these kinds of thinkers, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to offer our technology to help bring their vision to life.

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