UScellular, Ericsson test 5G connectivity with drones in Wisconsin

5G drone

UScellular and Ericsson are using drones to test 5G network performance at altitude. Initial trials have been conducted in Beloit, Wisconsin, using a drone that was flown between two UScellular commercial 5G towers.

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Lucid’s building cleaning drones gain IoT connectivity

Lucid Drone Technologies, a Charlotte, North Carolina–based startup that manufactures commercial spraying drones for cleaning external surfaces, is joining forces with T-Mobile for IoT connectivity and fleet management services. The news should excite property management and facility maintenance companies looking for IoT solutions to reduce risk and cut costs for exterior cleaning.

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Qualcomm launches world’s first drone platform with both 5G, AI tech

Qualcomm has unveiled the world’s first drone platform and reference design that will tap in both 5G and AI technologies. The chipmaker’s Flight RB5 5G Platform condenses multiple complex technologies into one tightly integrated drone system to support a variety of use cases, including film and entertainment, security and emergency response, delivery, defense, inspection, and mapping.

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