Tando indoor drone gets $15M capital boost to go global

tando indoor drone

Indoor Robotics, an Israeli drone technology startup, has raised $15 million in Series A funding to boost the production of its automated security robot, Tando. The indoor drone, which is already in use at several warehouses, data centers, malls, and retail establishments, can be used for other functions also, such as monitoring temperature and air quality.

“We reimagined what a drone was capable of and combined human-like capabilities with AI tools to enable next-generation security and monitoring,” explains Doron Ben David, cofounder and CEO of Indoor Robotics.

Tando uses multiple sensors and proprietary algorithms to map and navigate in any indoor space. The drone can autonomously navigate above or around any items in its path, which allows it to secure and monitor large areas. When it’s not in flight, the drone docks on a charging and monitoring station mounted on the ceiling and functions as a security camera.

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“Tando has already been deployed by the world’s leading enterprises and security monitoring companies and is making a tangible impact on safety and security,” David says. Now, the Series A funding by Pitango, Target Global, European Innovation Council Fund, and Spider Capital will help Tando capture the indoor drone security market worldwide.

But in addition to security functions, Tando can prove useful for operational improvements too. The indoor drone can collect thermal imaging data and environmental data, as well as record temperatures of rooms and identify leaks. It can also enable preventive maintenance, identifying areas in buildings that require care.

“We seized the opportunity to increase our investment in Indoor Robotics following the successful launch of Tando and the team’s demonstrated ability to surpass critical milestones,” says Rami Kalish, managing partner at Pitango. “Indoor Robotics’ proven capabilities have generated exciting demand from the market, which the investors are excited to facilitate.”

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