Autel releases new Lite, Nano firmware to increase drone range

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Autel Robotics has released new firmware for its EVO Lite and EVO Nano drones. The updates, which are being rolled out with v1.4.20 (iOS) and v1.4.26 (Android) of the Autel Sky app, are packed with some of the most-requested features to the drone series, including easily-accessible flight logs, voice notification options, as well as an increase to the maximum flight distance.

The latest update brings the Autel EVO Lite/Lite+ firmware version up to 1.4.64 and the Autel EVO Nano/Nano+ firmware version up to 1.4.9. Here are some of the new features to look out for in these updates…

Flight logs

Accessing the flight logs of Autel EVO Lite and Autel EVO Nano drones from within the Autel Sky app has now become easier than ever. This capability was needed because drone flight logs are one of the first things customer support staff asks for while servicing a replacement/repair request.

After updating the firmware, go to the Profile menu in the Autel Sky app, select Flight Log, and then the clipboard icon in the upper right corner. You should now be able to view three different types of logs: Flight Logs, RC Logs, and App Logs.

Select the log menu you want, and you’ll be prompted to connect to the drone’s Wi-Fi. From there, you can quickly download specific logs straight to your smartphone. At this point, you can upload them to the cloud if Autel’s customer service or maintenance team requests them for repairs or service. When uploaded, the files will be stored on a regional server. Autel stresses that all customer data in the US is stored on AWS servers in Texas.

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Voiceover options

Though recommended only for experienced pilots who are familiar with their drone and its systems, this feature was requested by pilots who use the voiceover function often and wanted the ability to turn off sound notifications.

Autel EVO Lite and Nano users can now toggle voice notifications on and off for general alerts and obstacle avoidance alerts. From the Settings menu, navigate to Safety, then Advanced Settings. Scroll down to Voice Overs, and toggle the switch on or off.

Flight range increase

The maximum flight distance for the Nano and Lite series has been increased by a factor of 10. The maximum distance can now be set up to 5,000 meters.

As a side note, Autel points out that the Lite and Lite+ firmware versions may display different numerical designations than the Nano Series versions. These will begin with one or three. The firmware features are the same, the different numbers simply represent different chipsets in the aircraft and the remote controller.  

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