DJI Mimo app adds support for Osmo Action 3 camera

dji osmo action 3 camera

A new version of the DJI Mimo app is now available to download. And according to the release notes, the update adds support for the Osmo Action 3 camera and other new products.

Mimo is the all-in-one app that DJI has designed specifically for its Osmo series of cameras and video stabilizers. This includes the OM line of smartphone gimbals, Pocket handheld cameras, and action cameras – Osmo Action, Action 2, and now, Osmo Action 3. Mimo comes packed with several intuitive features, editing tools, and pre-designed templates through which users can edit and share footage to social media instantly.

Here’s what is new in DJI Mimo version 1.8.0:

  1. Adds support for Osmo Action 3 and other new products.
  2. Supports Stabilization and InvisiStick and other new features in Album.

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DJI Osmo Action 3 camera: What we know so far

DJI Osmo Action 3 camera will be unveiled officially on Wednesday, September 14, 2022. The product is ditching the tiny, cube-like modular design adopted by Action 2, and going back to the classic Osmo design.

The company has released several teaser videos and posters ahead of the official launch, revealing features such as:

  • An impressive 160 minutes of recording time
  • Ability to withstand an operating temperature of -20C (or -4F)
  • Underwater recording up to 16 m without a protective case, and 60 m waterproofing with an added case

The release notes for the Mimo app update further indicate that the camera would be compatible with a new product called InvisiStick, likely referring to an invisible selfie stick.

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How to watch DJI’s new product launch

Today’s product launch event is called “Beyond the Edge,” and it will be streamed live on both the DJI website and YouTube channel. The event will start at 8 a.m. ET.

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