DJI AirWorks kicks off with Dock demo showing promise in the product’s design

dji dock airworks take off

This week DJI is hosting its AirWorks conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I was lucky enough to fly out to see what all is happening. On Monday, media got our first in-person look at DJI Dock in action, and I was quite impressed with its performance.

The current state of DJI Dock development

DJI’s Dock is still in the pre-production phase, with a spokesperson telling us they hope to begin sales in Q2 of 2023. Although there were some issues with GPS (not surprising, as tall buildings surrounded the flight demo area), I was impressed with the system as a whole.

Going into the demo, I didn’t have any real expectations. Either the M30 and Dock would work flawlessly, or it would be a good proof of concept. GPS issues aside, the Dock worked pretty much flawlessly, opening and closing for the M30T inside to take off, and when it landed, the drone was guided into the center perfectly to start charging. Overall, The DJI Dock looks like a promising product and will make a lot of people happy once it comes to market.

About DJI Airworks

Hosted this year at The Mirage Convention Center, DJI AirWorks is an annual conference (minus the last two years due to that pesky COVID) that brings together the major DJI Enterprise players and users. Over 600 drone pilots, managers, engineers, business owners, and other stakeholders have come to Vegas to discuss the future of DJI Enterprise solutions.

There will be a plethora of workshops, panel discussions, and keynotes for attendees to go to and learn more about their field of drone expertise.

The biggest item this year at AirWorks is DJI Dock. Designed to make surveillance, inspections, and other tasks more automated, it is one of the most promising “drone in a box” solutions coming to the market. Also at DJI AirWorks, we’ll see companies like DroneSense, DroneDeploy, or CVI who make third-party solutions, software and hardware, for the specialized use cases of drones like the M300, M30, and the new Mavic 3 Enterprise.

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