What could DJI release in 2023? Here’s a leaker’s guess

dji 2023

It’s a new year, so we are destined to get new drones, gimbals, and cameras from DJI this year. Leaker DealsDrone is back with another calendar showing his guess for what products DJI could release in 2023.

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The Buzz Podcast 32: AirWorks, DJI Dock, and more

This week Yifei and Seth round up what was shown at DJI’s first post-covid in-person AirWorks conference, like the Dock demos and more. Seth also shows off his new toy.

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DJI AirWorks kicks off with Dock demo showing promise in the product’s design

This week DJI is hosting its AirWorks conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I was lucky enough to fly out to see what all is happening. On Monday, media got our first in-person look at DJI Dock in action, and I was quite impressed with its performance.

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Is this the first DJI product with ‘no market ‘?

Yesterday’s launch of the DJI Matrice 30 enterprise drone was accompanied by the unveiling of the DJI Dock – a new autonomous docking and recharging station designed to fully automate flights with DJI M30 drones. It’s a great product with the potential to transform remote infrastructure inspection, site monitoring, and engineering supervision through unattended, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations. But DJI could struggle to find a market for it, former high-profile employees of the company say.

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