DJI Airworks Stories November 8, 2018

This video shows the entire DJI Keynote from the first day of DJI AirWorks. My seating position was not ideal, but if you want to hear and/or see what DJI Had to say about things, like the Mavic 2 Enterprise, DJI Flight Simulator, DJI Terra and the various partnerships with companies like American Airlines, Southern Company, Microsoft, Skycatch, Kespry, Union Pacific and AutoModality, you will find it here. The video is over two and a half hours long, but I have included timestamps so that you can skip to the important sections. Enjoy!

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DJI Airworks Stories November 2, 2018

The Commercial UAV Policy Panel (The new drone policy era ahead – How FAA Reauthorization will impact your business) was one of the most informing panels, I attended during DJI’s Airworks 2018. It provided an update and perspective of what commercial drone operators can expect now that the FAA Reauthorization Act has been signed into law. The panel consisted of some heavyweights from the drone industry, including three lawyers and a few pilots. All of them, experts on the subject matter.

I tried to capture the entire session on camera but unfortunately missed a little bit at the beginning and towards the end due to battery switching, full memory cards, etc. Either way, if you are a commercial drone operator and want to find out what the latest is, I highly recommend watching the video below.

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DJI Airworks Stories October 31, 2018

Here we continue with Part II of the coverage of the DJI AirWorks event in Dallas, TX. For Part I click here. The second half of DJI’s keynote started with Mario Rebello, DJI’s Vice President and Country Manager of North America. Let’s jump right in.

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This year’s AirWorks event from DJI started with a ton of news and partnership announcements. It is obvious that the drone maker means business when it comes to the Enterprise market. DJI started with the introduction of the Mavic 2 Enterprise yesterday, but today they followed that product release up with a lot more. Let’s dive in.

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DJI Airworks Stories October 29, 2018

This week will be all about the DJI Airworks 2018 event in Dallas, TX. The event officially starts tomorrow, but DJI had invited DroneDJ to be present during today’s launch of their DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise drone. As DroneDJ readers will know, this drone was widely anticipated with several photos that were leaked in recent months. DJI’s Mavic 2 Enterprise edition is based on the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, but with some significant improvements and add-ons.

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DJI Airworks Stories October 22, 2018

Next week DJI’s annual commercial drone event, DJI Airworks will take place in Dallas, TX. Many of us are expecting the Chinese drone maker to launch the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Edition, which was recently confirmed in these FCC filings, at the event. Earlier this summer we already saw some high-resolution images of the drone as well as a few leaked images with different devices mounted on top of the drone. Now DJI Enterprise tweeted this mysterious announcement “For the Frontiers” with an October 30th date. The announcement says “It’s time for our ‘biggest’ unveil of the year” and includes an image that shows the outline of what almost seems to be a pair of binoculars. It seems safe to say the DJI will be announcing the new Mavic 2 Enterprise later this month. The remaining question is, of course, what is that thing mounted on top? Let’s take a closer look.

Update 10/22/2018: DJi just sent out another tweet with a new photo. See below.

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