DJI Airworks 2020 will take place in LA from August 25-27

DJI Airworks, the event focussed on enterprise and commercial customers, will take place in LA from August 25-27, 2020. The gathering which according to DJI shapes “the forefront of the commercial drone industry,” will take place at the same venue as last year. The Westin Bonaventure in downtown Los Angeles. DJI is currently opening up registration for speakers.

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DJI Airworks 2019 Keynote Wednesday morning with Mario Rebello, Jan Gasparic… — Part II

Here’s the second keynote from DJI Airworks 2019 from Wednesday morning with Mario Rebello, Jan Gasparic, Dinesh Narayanan, Brendan Schulman, Cynthia Huang, Suzanne Lemieux, and Greg Aldrich talking about topics ranging from DJI’s Qualified Entities Program, ADS-B,  edge computing, safety and more.

DJI Airworks 2019 in LA – Keynote Mario Rebello, R. Durscher, J. Gasparic, – Part I

DJI Airworks 2019 took place in LA this year. DroneDJ was invited and we recorded a number of the keynotes, panel discussions, and sessions that we think are worth sharing with you. We used automated transcription software on the videos to capture all that was spoken in text, however, this method is far from perfect. It does, however, offer you the benefit of searching through the text and skipping to the parts that are relevant to you. I will put a link to the entire text in a Google Doc so that in case you’d like to help clean up the text, you can. Actually that would be much appreciated because it is simply too much work for one person to do. We will update the articles on DroneDJ if better quality text becomes available. This is a bit of an experiment so we will see how it goes. More videos from DJI Airworks 2019 will go live soon. Let us know if we should keep doing this or if we are wasting our time.

New DJI Disaster Relief Program launched at Airworks 2019

DJI commits drone technology to increase support for national disaster response efforts. New DJI Disaster Relief Program will provide emergency responders with DJI drone technology and training. The DJI Disaster Relief Program was announced at AirWorks 2019, DJI’s annual commercial drone conference.

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DJI introduces Phantom 4 Multispectral for precision agriculture and land management

DJI introduces Phantom 4 Multispectral for precision agriculture and land management. According to the drone maker, it is the world’s first integrated multispectral imaging drone built to power farming’s next generation.

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DJI Introduces new drones for agriculture and disaster relief program at Airworks

DJI introduces innovative tools and technologies for the commercial drone industry at DJI AirWorks. New drones for agriculture and a disaster relief program highlight the transformative role DJI drones play in our skies every day.

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