Yuneec H850 drone to feature built-in Dronetag Remote ID module

yuneec H850 drone remote id dronetag

Drone maker Yuneec has struck a deal with Czech startup Dronetag to have Remote ID broadcast capabilities built into its new commercial hexacopter, the H850 RTK. This new partnership will also see Dronetag add-on devices for remote identification of drones being sold on the Yuneec online store.

Yuneec is positioning its new drone as a cheaper alternative to the DJI M300 RTK aircraft. The H850 can deliver up to 65 minutes of air time, depending on the payload and weather conditions.

There’s a great deal of flexibility that comes in terms of payload, and several fail-safe mechanisms have also been incorporated into the drone. For instance, the Yuneec H850 can land safely even if one of its motors stops functioning midair. In addition, the aircraft is equipped with dual RTK antennas to ensure high-precision positioning even if one antenna becomes disabled.

And now, Yuneec has announced that the drone will also feature a dedicated built-in slot for the Dronetag Remote ID module. Marcel Graaf, COO at Yuneec Europe, said:

Drone operations safety is encoded deep in Yuneec’s DNA. As we believe that drone identification makes the airspace much safer and more predictable, we decided to offer the Remote ID feature to our customers immediately. And as Dronetag worked on the technology for the last four years, getting them on board propelled us a great distance ahead in the timeline.

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The Dronetag Remote ID module has also been approved by the Yuneec Certified Accessory Program (YCAP). Following this, Dronetag Mini and Beacon devices have become available at the Yuneec online store. These external, add-on devices can be attached to a Yuneec drone using sturdy 3M fasteners.

Dronetag CEO and cofounder Lukas Brchl said:

Drone flying is about to change radically. Regulators will start legally forcing digital visibility of all UAVs in coming years, but we believe that Remote ID brings higher safety and better control to pilots even now. We proudly welcome Yuneec among our partners, sharing the same vision. The trust we received from one of the world’s leading drone manufacturers is an important confirmation that the hard work of the whole Dronetag team is heading in the right direction.

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