Swiss firm debuts 4G drone-tracking device for Remote ID compliance

remote id drone tracking device

Switzerland-based INVOLI has announced the availability of a new 4G drone tracking device, LEMAN RemoteID. Compatible with Remote ID requirements set by aviation authorities in both the United States and Europe, the INVOLI drone tracker comes with its own GPS and battery to broadcast drone information directly over a Wi-Fi frequency (Remote ID Broadcast) or a 4G network (Network Remote ID).

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The Buzz Podcast: Drone Insurance reviews accident data, Skydio’s 100 Million Contract, and more

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Airmarket, Telus, others partner on Remote ID trials in Canada

Remote ID is coming (though not until October of 2023) in the US. Though there’s no official policy yet in Canada, regulators are definitely interested, and it’s likely this will become part of the future across North America.

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Remote ID: When it comes, DJI drones will be ready

The new FAA Remote ID rule goes into effect Wednesday, April 21. Let’s explore what that means for you as a pilot. This story will be of use to all pilots of drones weighing 250 grams or more, and there’s some DJI-specific news for those flying DJI products.

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Crowdfunded lawsuit filed against the FAA over Remote ID

The owner of a business specializing in First Person View drone products and accessories has launched an action challenging the validity of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Remote ID Rule. It’s a significant move, with implications for everyone who flies a drone or RC aircraft.

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The ACLU weighs in on the FAA’s Remote ID

Just recently, the Federal Aviation Administration announced its new Remote ID rule. In a nutshell, drones will require a digital license plate down the road, which must be wirelessly transmitted. Before too long, some drones being manufactured will have this capability built-in, or you will be able to purchase a separate module that does the job. Now, the American Civil Liberties Union has offered its own take on the rule.

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