Air 2S, DJI RC combo goes on sale in China for $1,300

dji rc air 2s drone

As anticipated, DJI has rolled out a new Air 2S combo, giving users the option to use one of the company’s most popular drones with the new DJI RC remote controller.

Currently available for sale only in China, the Air 2S Fly More Combo with DJI RC is being sold for $1,300. Based on DJI’s pricing trends, the same combo could be made available in North America for around $1,400.

Weighing just 390 grams, DJI RC is a huge step up from the N1 controller that requires you to use a smartphone. The pro-friendly drone remote controller features a built-in 5.5-inch FHD display, supporting screen brightness of up to 700 nits.

The device not only comes with dual-spring control sticks for smoother operations, but it also allows for customizable buttons and dials for a more convenient flying experience. The DJI Fly app is also pre-integrated into the remote controller.

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When paired with drones that support O3+ video transmission, such as the Air 2S, DJI RC can provide a low-latency HD 1080p/60fps live feed with a max transmission range of 15 km. The remote controller lasts for up to four hours on a full charge, ensuring enough juice to shoot at multiple locations.

The DJI RC was initially launched alongside the sub-250-gram Mini 3 Pro aircraft, but it can now be purchased as a standalone device for $309.

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