New firmware for DJI’s M300 RTK drone, further enhancing its flagship UAV

DJI M300 RTK drone file import kmz error firmware update

Drone giant DJI has just released a firmware upgrade for its flagship Matrice 300 RTK series (M300) enterprise drone, which also covers associated accessories, and enables Remote ID to satisfy US regulations.

DJI introduced its M300 RTK drone as both a rugged UAV capable of taking on particularly exacting missions, but one that also packs enough sophisticated tech to come away with truly refined and precise data troves. The company fulfilled its objective out of the gate, and has repeatedly improved upon its creation with successive, capability-enhancing hardware additions.

New feature-adding firmware upgrades have also been part of that, and those continue with the current update. M300 RTK users should note that the package includes bringing the drone into compliance with US Remote ID requirements – meaning once the new software has been installed, it cannot be replaced with earlier versions.

DJI’s repeated enhancement efforts have made the M300 not only the standard for deployment in firefighting, search and rescue, law enforcement operations, but a range of enterprise uses including infrastructure inspections, geomatics, and specialized mapping and surveying work. In fact, many users of the M300 RTK say DJI’s remarkably reliable, adaptable, and powerful drone has no other rival matching its performance brawn and tech brains.

Among the top of those attributes is the craft’s maximum 55-minute flight time, allowing extended use for complicated jobs, or those requiring the UAV to cover relatively large distances. DJI’s built-in OcuSync Enterprise feature allows for a 15 km transmission range of triple-channel 1080p video. Real-time automated switching between 2.4 HHz and 5.8 GHz4 provides more reliable flight in high-interference environments. 

Arguably better still is onboard artificial intelligence enhancing performance and capacity range of the M300 RTK. That includes use of initial flights to serve as the basis for automated inspections enabled by the DJI craft recognizing designated areas of target structures from previous missions.

Data in successive inspections are compiled to ensure replication of exact collection perspectives every time, with aircraft movement, gimbal orientation, and even zoom levels recorded and applied to bring back updated structural views from identical capture scenarios.

Rounding out DJI M300 RTK’s attractions is its compatibility with seven different Zenmuse sensors, as well as adapted third-party cameras.

Hardware covered by the firmware upgrade is expansive, with gear and versions listed as follows:

·  Aircraft Firmware: v05.01.01.00

·  Remote Controller Firmware: v05.01.01.00

·  Pilot 2 App Android: v5.1.1.5

·  D-RTK 2 Mobile Station for Matrice: v03.01.00.00 (D-RTK 2 Mobile Station: v03.01.00.00)

·  Intelligent Battery Station: v04.00.01.03

·  Intelligent Flight Battery: v01.02.05.44

·  Zenmuse H20 / H20T: v04.01.03.00

·  Zenmuse H20N: v05.01.01.00

·  Zenmuse P1: v04.00.02.05

·  Zenmuse L1: v04.00.01.06

·  Zenmuse Z30: v01.00.07.10

·  Zenmuse XT2: v01.00.03.50

·  Zenmuse XT S: v01.00.00.09

·  DJI X-Port: v01.03.02.00

·  DJI Skyport: v01.04.00.00

·  DJI Skyport V2: v01.03.02.00

·  DJI Assistant 2 (Enterprise Series): v2.1.4

·  Firmware Upgrade Methods: Aircraft / Remote Controller: DJI Assistant 2 / App

·  Zenmuse H20 / H20T: micro SD card / DJI Assistant 2 / App

·  D-RTK 2 Mobile Station: DJI Assistant 2

·  The built-in DJI Pilot 2 app: will be updated with the Remote Controller firmware

·  Intelligent Battery Station: App (Connect the Battery Station to the remote controller and update it on the HMS page in the DJI Pilot 2 app.)

Once downloaded, DJI’s new firmware will bring the following enhancements to M300 RTK drones: 

·  Added support for FAA’s Remote ID requirements in the United States.

·  Added support for DJI Pilot 2 to download online geoid files.

·  Added support for importing and exporting MapTiler offline maps.

·  Added support for DJI Pilot 2 message notifications.

·  Optimized support for Zenmuse XT S, XT 2 and Z30.

·  Optimized support for multiple PSDK payloads.

·  Fixed issue: When using the dual remote controller mode, Discreet Mode could not be disabled on the aircraft with one of the remote controllers.

·  Fixed issue: When the custom camera parameters failed to be applied in Mission Flight at the first time of use.

·  Fixed issue: When the remote controller froze after reinserting the HDMI cable with the app running in the background.

·  When Aircraft Yaw is set to Control By RC and the yaw angle is adjusted when the mission is paused, the aircraft continues to fly at the adjusted angle after resuming the mission.

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