Rotor X Dragon Personal Air Vehicle joins flying car competitors

Rotor X Dragon

Pilots wishing they could be taking to the skies with their drones – and other aviation enthusiasts with George Jetson fantasies – will soon have another option to the flying car projects already under development with the nearing rollout of the home-assembled Rotor X Dragon Personal Air Vehicle (PAV).

The battery-powered Rotor X Dragon PAV is being prepared for introduction in 2023 as electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) sold as a kit users assemble at home. The craft is designed to reach speeds of over 60 mph and carry up to 250 lb. of passenger weight for up to 20 minutes per charge. In addition to providing lift and thrust power, all the craft’s eight rotors are configured to take over extra duties in the event others fail, enabling the vehicle to get back to the ground safely.

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Enhancing the Rotor X Dragon PAV’s allure to would-be fliers is its classification as an ultralight eVTOL, meaning – like virtually all other aircraft being readied for marketing as flying cars – it won’t require a pilot’s license. With delivery of the first assemble-it-yourself kits expected by next September, the initial 100 units of the craft are now being sold for a “pre-order” price of $85,000, compared to the regular $99,000.

The concept is an outgrowth of several variations of flying-and-driving vehicles created by innovative aviation developer Advanced Tactics Inc. over the decades for military use. To manufacture its new Dragon PAV, the company partnered with Arizona helicopter specialist Rotor X Aircraft to sell the flying car in kit form that customers can put together in a couple of weekends. Buyers may also take advantage of options providing assembly assistance, as well as flight training.

The Rotor X Dragon PAV joins a growing number of eVTOLs in the nascent flying car sector, including the Jetson ONE and Air ONE. Like the Rotor X Dragon, the former is a one-seat vehicle with similar speed and weight capacities, and sells for $92,000. 

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Air ONE, by contrast, has been redesigned as a two-seater reaching top speeds of 155 mph, cruising velocity of 100 mph, and a maximum distance of 110 miles (or about an hour). Initial deliveries are expected in 2025, for a base price of $150,000. 

In addition to its capacities for leisure and hobbyist use, the Rotor x Dragon PAV boasts security features that include a ballistic parachute, safety landing gear, a sensor-driven auto takeoff and landing system, redundant flight computers, low battery alerts, and hands-free hovering capabilities.

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