Jetson ONE flying car makes its first eVTOL commute to work

Jetson flying car eVTOL

Awaiting delivery of its first flying cars to customers next year, Swedish electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) company Jetson has given the world a look at what future commutes to work may be like – this time with its CEO strapped in at the commands.

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Renault revamps its classic 1960s 4L car as an eVTOL craft

In wrapping up the 60th anniversary celebration of its iconic old-school 4L car, French automaker Renault has unveiled a redesign of the model as the AIR4 electric takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle.

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Japan accepts SkyDrive’s flying car type certification application [Updated]

(Correction, November 16: this story has been corrected to reflect the application acceptance, not initial granting of type certification application; and fix the name of the SD-05 craft involved.)

Japan’s advanced air mobility (AAM) company SkyDrive announced its application for type certification of its two seat flying car was accepted by Japanese authorities, the first craft of its kind to reach that milestone in the country according to the company

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XPeng shares footage of its X2 electric flying car

A new flying car prototype with autonomous capabilities has been unveiled by XPeng Huitian, a division of XPeng Motors in China. The X2, as its being called, is the fifth-generation flying car from XPeng, and according to the company’s Chairman and CEO, “marks another step closer to a more widely available and safe flying car.”

In a world-first, two guys compete in flying racing cars [video]

Want to know what the future of manned drone racing could look like? Hop right in, because this video by a Filipino innovator shows real people, in real single-seater flying cars, racing each other!

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China to get world’s first passenger drone hotel

For more than a half century, much of the urban experience has been built around the needs and capabilities of automobiles. Now China is experimenting with a framework built around air taxis to create the world’s first drone hotel.

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