XPeng shares footage of its X2 electric flying car

A new flying car prototype with autonomous capabilities has been unveiled by XPeng Huitian, a division of XPeng Motors in China. The X2, as its being called, is the fifth-generation flying car from XPeng, and according to the company’s Chairman and CEO, “marks another step closer to a more widely available and safe flying car.”

In a world-first, two guys compete in flying racing cars [video]

Want to know what the future of manned drone racing could look like? Hop right in, because this video by a Filipino innovator shows real people, in real single-seater flying cars, racing each other!

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China to get world’s first passenger drone hotel

For more than a half century, much of the urban experience has been built around the needs and capabilities of automobiles. Now China is experimenting with a framework built around air taxis to create the world’s first drone hotel.

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