The top 5 drone manufacturers in the world

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Germany-based research firm Drone Industry Insights (Droneii) has released its annual flagship report, ranking the companies that manufacture drones. The research team assessed around 500 global companies whose core business is to build drones, and concluded that the top drone manufacturers in the world are based in either China or the US. Here are the best drone companies of 2022, as per DII’s report…

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Best drone makers of 2022

  1. DJI
  2. Parrot
  3. Skydio
  4. XAG
  5. JOUAV

DJI continues to be the world’s leading manufacturer of civilian drones despite courting several controversies in the US this year. Based on Droneii’s company ranking model, the Chinese drone maker enjoys an extremely comfortable gap of 78 points against the second-place French company Parrot.

Don’t confuse this internal ranking model with market share in the infographic below!

The race gets pretty tight once you take DJI out of the picture. There are only six points separating the second-place Parrot from the fifth-place JOUAV. And Skydio barely manages to surpass XAG on the ranking despite having the same 18 points. Droneii explains that it tipped the scales in the favor of the company that showed slightly stronger development and public interest.

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Top 5 dual-use drone companies of 2022

Droneii also took a hard look at dual-use drone manufacturers, i.e., those who develop drones for both commercial and governmental use, and concluded that the top five in this category are:

  1. AeroVironment
  3. Anduril
  4. Aeronautics
  5. Schiebel

As is evident by the infographic, the race between the top five spots is much closer in this ranking than it is in the civil drone space. It’s also clear that US companies supersede all other countries when it comes to dual-use drones, just in the same way that Chinese companies dominate the civil drone rankings. Droneii explains:

There is a combined total of 17 companies in both rankings that are based in either the USA or China. As two of the most active global markets in terms of overall trade, they have also managed to take a large share of the commercial drone market. Naturally, the size of their military budgets also has a noticeable impact on the dual-use manufacturer ranking in particular.

You can check out Droneii’s 2021 company rankings here.

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