Mavic Pro drone carrying $167K worth of drugs crashes into prison

dji mavic pro drone drugs delivery

Police are investigating a DJI Mavic Pro drone that was found attempting to fly drugs worth $167,000 (AUD 250,000) into a prison in Australia.

The drone was discovered by patrolling officers on the grounds of Townsville Correctional Centre prison facility on November 11. Police believe the 4K camera drone crashed there around November 9.

The drone was carrying substaintial quantities of methylamphetamine, tobacco, cannabis, and suboxone strips when it crashed. Suboxone is used to treat opioid dependence, but the drug itself can be habit-forming.

CCTV cameras captured a light-colored utility vehicle near the prison facility at the time of the incident. Investigators have now released the video footage of the same and are seeking assistance from the public for information regarding the drone flight or the vehicle. Here’s the video shared by the police:

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Townsville Correctional Complex general manager chief superintendent Louise Kneeshaw points out that attempts to introduce drugs into correctional centers can endanger the safety and security of prisoners and staff. But with Australia set to introduce new drone regulations in 2023, there’s hope that such instances would decrease. Here’s Kneeshaw:

With new laws set to come in, the act of flying a drone over a correctional centre can cost you time in custody. Our officers work tirelessly every day to the protect the safety of the community and this contraband find is a testament to that commitment and capability.

This problem of drones being used for unlawful activities is not unique to Australia though. Contraband drone deliveries are quickly becoming the bane of prison officials’ existence across the globe. Recent incidences in the US include a 42-year-old Texas man being charged for allegedly flying a drug-laden DJI Inspire drone into a Fort Worth prison, a 29-year-old former inmate pleading guilty to using a drone to smuggle phones and tobacco into a New Jersey prison, and three Atlanta men getting one-year sentences each for using drones to smuggle contraband into a Georgia prison.

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