Volatus drone deal with Aerial Robotics extends its expansion drive

Volatus Airial Robotics drone

Canadian drone hardware and services company Volatus has kept its 2022 business expansion roll progressing in the opening weeks of the new year, most recently in revealing its worldwide, multi-functional partnership with German UAV producer Airial Robotics.

Volatus says it entered the exclusive agreement with Airial Robotics to help boost production and sales of the Hamburg company’s AR GT25 Gyrotrak UAVs and AR CT30 Cargotrak heavy-lift UAVs. The craft are hybrid in operation, relying on both vertical takeoff and landing capabilities of drones, and the low-energy, high-endurance performance provided by autogiro blades. Airial Robotics markets the vehicles as gyrocopters designed to enable long-distance and -duration missions at reduced cost.

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Their modular and scalable conception allows for loading of a wide range of sensors for diverse data collection and aerial intelligence objectives, and transport up to 10 kg using the cargo UAVs. Reflecting the extended flight capacity afforded by autogiro tech – between three to five times longer and farther than conventional UAVs, the company says – the drones are made primarily for beyond visual line of sight operations, but can be flown with normal navigation during closer proximity deployment.

In pairing with Airial Robotics, Volatus will offer the support of its full range of drone sector activities.

The company will be providing manufacturing, marketing, and distribution services around the world through its subsidiaries. Its pilot training section can offer instruction for buyers of the craft, or perform various per-project enterprise and transport missions using the gyrocopters for clients requiring limited help.

The initial aim of the partnership is to help Airial Robotics rapidly multiply its activity.

“Volatus Aerospace has the commercial reach and resources to help us scale quickly with the added benefit of offering training, manufacturing, and technical support,” said Joerg Schamuhn, CEO of Airial Robotics. “In addition, their global network in defense immediately expands our overall available market. Our products are designed for challenging commercial applications and are ready for large-scale deployment.” 

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The tie-up with Airial Robotics is the most recent move in a yearlong expansion drive fueled both by Volatus acquisition, and new business wins like the recent UK contract to monitor water treatment plants for methane leaks with drones.

Volatus CEO Glen Lynch believes aiding Airial Robotics manufacture and market its innovative, cutting-edge gyrocopters will simultaneously play into the Canadian group’s continued expansion targets.

“Airial Robotics created a new class of drone designed to aviation standards that outperforms any heavy-lift platform we have operated to date,” said Lynch. “These UAVs have real potential for positive change in the lives of people working in countless industries. In our own flight operations, its weather tolerance, heavy-lift, high-speed, and long-range capabilities make Gyrotrak ideal for our own cargo, agriculture, and oil and gas pipeline applications.”

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