Volatus adds the new Aerieport drone nest to its product lineup

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Commercial drone hardware, service, and training company Volatus Aerospace has unveiled its new Aerieport product, an autonomous remote drone nesting platform.

Volatus introduced its Aerieport innovation at the annual Energy Drone and Robotics Summit held in Houston. Officials touted it as providing rugged and effective autonomous UAV nesting functionalities for agricultural, security, renewable energy, mining, construction, oil, and gas customers using remote aerial activities.

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Volatus describes Aerieport as an all-weather solution designed to operate remotely in extreme temperatures that can range from -67F to +131F. It incorporates an onboard weather station, a four SIM, 5G, high-speed LTE connection, but also has an option for Satcom linkage. It also houses an integrated ground-based detect and avoid system, a mission planner, and a remote operations system.

“The Aerieport is designed to facilitate remote missions from anywhere in the world at any time,” says Pedram Nowroozi, Volatus’s chief technology officer. “It is a versatile, all-weather, remote system able to operate in any climate and completely off-grid if needed.”

The unit is designed as entirely agnostic, making it compatible with virtually all UAVs. Volatus has also developed its Aerieport drone nest to function without the presence of human observers, and believes its continuing work with regulators to obtain approval for that will bear fruit.

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Introduction of that new drone solution comes less than two months after the company announced record sales for the first quarter of 2022. Earlier this month, meanwhile, Volatus revealed it had struck a deal with EOLO Drones to facilitate its expansion into Latin America. 

The resulting Volatus Aerospace LATAM will provide commercial drone equipment and services to both civil and governmental entities, with Volatus holding 75% of the affiliate.

“Latin America is a vast, emerging market with exciting opportunities for drones in sectors such as mining, infrastructure, renewable energy, and agriculture,” said Luc Masse, executive vice president of Volatus. “Success in this region requires an understanding of language, culture, and local legislation. Volatus Aerospace LATAM will represent our brand throughout South America and execute our expansion using a strategy adapted specifically to these markets.”

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