DroneDeploy autonomous flight app adds support for DJI Mavic 3E

dronedeploy flight app dji mavic 3 enterprise

Flight planning platform DroneDeploy now supports autonomous mapping missions on the new DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise (Mavic 3E) drone, using the RC Pro Enterprise remote controller.

The DroneDeploy app can now be installed directly on the Mavic 3E drone series remote controller that comes with a 1,000-nit high-brightness screen for great visibility in direct sunlight and a built-in microphone for clear communication. You can install the app via the Amazon Appstore.

As the drone mapping company notes in a blog post:

The Mavic 3 Enterprise’s high-resolution 20MP camera, support for network RTK, increased flight time and mechanical shutter make it the drone of choice for producing high-quality maps within DroneDeploy.

More specifically, only standard map plans are supported currently. But DroneDeploy assures that more flight types and features such as Terrain Awareness and Mission Chaining will be supported in the future. Right now, the company is in the process of beta-testing Mavic 3E RTK capture and targeting an April 2023 rollout to make autonomous RTK flights available to more customers.

In the meantime, you can connect to an RTK network within the DJI Pilot 2 app, fly and capture with the DJI Pilot 2 app, and upload and process the RTK-corrected images in DroneDeploy. And if you’re using the DroneDeploy app for standard map plans, force stop the DJI Pilot 2 app before starting DroneDeploy. To force stop DJI Pilot 2, go to the device Settings > Apps & notifications > DJI Pilot 2 > Force Stop.

Do note that the standard Mavic 3 drone series is not supported by DroneDeploy because DJI has not released a third-party SDK for it.

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