AirModo drone insurance app launches reward program with USI

airmodo drone insurance app usi

AirModo, a new drone insurance app that allows operators to instantly purchase either hourly or annual policies depending on their needs, has launched a reward program in collaboration with Unmanned Safety Institute (USI).

Under the new partnership, all policies purchased on AirModo’s app will fetch the user SafetyPoints. These SafetyPoints can be redeemed for a host of different air safety products available with USI. For instance, in exchange for five SafetyPoints, drone operators can get access to three components: a drone risk assessment checklist, a three-hour online course on aviation safety, and 10 best practices to follow to increase situational awareness while flying a drone.

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Not all products are as basic as these, though. USI is a recognized name in commercial and academic drone training and certification, working with large commercial enterprises and nearly 500 schools in all 50 states in the US. And the more SafetyPoints you accumulate, the bigger and better the rewards get.

For instance, 900 SafetyPoints can be redeemed for an annual subscription to risk management software that tackles everything from mission planning and compliance reporting to flight tracking and maintenance. Explore more products covered under the reward program here.

It should also be highlighted that the AirModo drone insurance app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app provides options to buy insurance for a single drone or a fleet, add multiple pilots, and purchase on-the-spot insurance with policy documents generated and sent via email once operators have made their payments.

As Josh Olds, president and CEO of USI, points out, the fun and excitement associated with recreational drone use, or the enormous value proposition derived from commercial drone operations, can disappear in an instant in the event of an incident or accident. “Even with today’s UAS becoming more capable and sophisticated, risk management remains the responsibility of every operator,” says Olds. “We worked with AirModo to provide an incredibly wide selection of safety-related products and services that can elevate individual pilots’ knowledge and skills and enhance organizational commitment to safe, effective, and efficient operations.”

AirModo’s Andrew Spiegel adds:

AirModo recognized the “anywhere, anytime” need inherent in drone operations throughout the recreational and commercial marketplaces. With the AirModo app, our customers can select custom coverage, instantly access their insurance certificate, and initiate in-house claims service. Because AirModo believes that the best risk mitigation strategy is a well-trained pilot using industry best practices for safe operations, we are happy to announce that every AirModo policy issued earns SafetyPoints that can be redeemed for a wide variety of safety-related products and services from USI.

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