Draganfly delivers situational awareness drones to Ukraine emergency responders

Draganfly Ukraine drones

Canadian UAV hardware and software company Draganfly has reinforced its emphatic support of Ukraine in its battle against invading Russian forces with the delivery of the first of three Situational Assessment Drones for the nation’s emergency and rescue units.

Draganfly announced the handoff of its specialized drone to the DSNS Emergency Services Department in Kyiv, noting that another two craft will be supplied to the organization’s divisions in other parts of Ukraine later this month. The company said the craft will allow responders to urgent situations provoked by Russian strikes and other sources to perform situational awareness information-gathering, infrastructure assessments, and assistance in search and rescue operations throughout the country.

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According to Draganfly, its Situational Assessment Drone is an automated craft whose RGB and multi-spectral imaging sensors capture data to instantly provide operators maps of emergency situations for immediate and future use. 

The vertical takeoff and landing drones are lightweight, easy to deploy, and offer multiple flight and data capture options. The high-tech aerial perspectives the UAVs enable give rescue squads better knowledge of swiftly evolving emergencies, assistance in locating victims, and inform responders of internal dangers they should be prepared for.

Designed and configured for response to critical situations, the Draganfly drones are intended to support the work of Ukraine’s Emergency Services Department. Under the aegis of the Interior Ministry, the unit oversees the prevention of and response to a wide array of urgent situations that have skyrocked amid Russian attacks over the past year.

“Draganfly’s drone technology is crucial in helping ensure our first responders remain safe while responding to emergencies,” said Yurii Anykiienko, international cooperation specialist with the Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Kyiv region. “Drones are the primary tools in this conflict. They provide our first responders with the necessary information to respond to operations effectively.”

Delivery of the situational awareness drone is only the most recent way Draganfly has provided support to Ukraine’s defense efforts against the Russian invasion

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Early in the conflict the Saskatchewan-based company supplied craft to groups speeding medical supplies and other materials to attack sites. Its other actions include providing specialized UAVs and flight training to military units working to detect and defuse the countless mines Russian forces have sewn across the country.

“Our drones continue to play a significant role in assisting and aiding the people of Ukraine,” said Cameron Chell, Draganfly CEO. “Draganfly has been engaged with several organizations to ensure Ukraine is supported with the best available technology. We are excited to get the first of three Situational Assessment Drones to DSNS Emergency Services Ukraine to make an even greater impact in the country.”

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