Quantum-Systems sending Ukraine 105 more Vector ISR drones

Quantum-Systems Vector drones Ukraine

German drone manufacturer Quantum-Systems says it will soon be supplying Ukraine defense forces with over 100 more of its specialized data gathering Vector drones in a deal underwritten by Germany’s government as part of its continued support of the nation against Russia’s invasion.

Munich-based Quantum-Systems delivered 33 Vector drones for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) use by Ukraine defenders last August, and will now provide 105 more under a deal whose value was not revealed. In addition to being equipped with powerful electro-optical and infrared gimbaled sensors for data collection missions at day or night, the UAV boasts an extended flight time of 120 minutes.

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As part of the accord, Quantum-Systems will also be providing Ukraine forces instruction and support for using its Vector craft through a dedicated center it will soon open in the country. That facility, the company adds, will also serve as a procurement and storage site for spare parts for maintenance and repair work there.

Quantum-Systems said the move to secure additional Vector craft by Ukraine defense units was based in large part on the drone’s valuable performance in battlefield operation, where it has become a critical asset in military ISR missions. The company says the UAV’s rugged design has permitted it to withstand the harsh environments and extreme weather conditions it has been deployed in.

The announcement of the new aerial reinforcements coincided with news that Germany has decided to deliver what are considered strategically critical Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine – a potentially game-changing combat vehicle expected to arrive before an anticipated Russian offensive this spring. 

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Despite the understandable attention that development drew, however, the importance of the continuing, virtually daily support of companies like Quantum-Systems and other backers that has helped Ukraine withstand the 11-month invasion this far cannot be overstated.

In making its announcement, Quantum-Systems noted a recent software update to the Vector system will also permit Ukraine pilots to use the drone in situations where contact with global navigation satellite systems has been denied. 

The company adds it maintains communication links to enable “direct and immediate feedback received from the operators in the Ukrainian battlefield,” which it then incorporates in its development of the UAV to improve its performance by defending troops.

“We are honored to be able to help Ukraine with the defense of their country and we are committed to continuing to provide the highest quality systems to their forces,” said Quantum-Systems CEO Florian Seibel. “Our belief in democratic values, and the challenges faced by the Ukrainian soldiers daily, only motivate us even more so and speed up our development processes. Being able to further equip Vector with combat proven features and capabilities in a short period of time is crucial for us as a manufacturer and the operators of our systems, from which all of our Vector customers will profit.”

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