DJI Action 2 gets gyro stabilization, better Android 13 support

dji action 2 camera gyro android 13

DJI has released a new firmware update for its modular action camera, Action 2. With this update, the Action 2 has become DJI’s first action camera to offer compatibility with Gyroflow, an open-source post-processing video stabilization software.

The new firmware package for Action 2, v01.04.05.10, packs in two major highlights: the ability for the camera to embed gyroscopic data directly into video files and improved compatibility with Android 13. The update comes at a time when the action camera has received a major price cut from its original selling price of $399 for the Action 2 Power Combo and $519 for the Dual Screen Combo. These bundles can now be picked up for $304 and $404, respectively.

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The addition of gyro metadata is a particularly exciting development for Action 2 because no other DJI action camera supports Gyroflow. As such, Action 2 users will now be able to achieve better video stabilization in post.

Video stabilization is essential if you’re looking for smooth, cinematic footage. To that end, cinema camera users typically use motorized gimbals or other bulky stabilizers. Phone cameras and compact action cameras rely on Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) applied in real-time based on gyro sensor data. And finally, video editing packages are used to stabilize the video based on estimated camera motion, which could be unreliable.

This is where Gyroflow comes into play. Gyroflow is a post-processing video stabilization software based on logged motion data. With the help of precise lens calibrations, rolling shutter correction, and tweakable stabilization algorithms (including horizon leveling), Gyroflow can produce gimbal-like stabilization with no or minimal weight penalty. It also works regardless of lighting conditions or moving subjects.

Coming back to DJI Action 2, the camera needs to be set up in a specific manner so the video includes gyro data. Use the following settings:

  • Stabilization: Off
  • FOV: Wide
  • Resolution: 4K (4:3) 24/25/30/48/50/60 or 4K (16:9) 100/120

You will also need to download and install the latest version of Gyroflow software, i.e. v1.4.2 or above, and make sure that the relevant JSON files of DJI Action 2 already exist. Then, you can open the DJI Action 2 video in Gyroflow, and set related parameters to stabilize it.

In addition to Action 2, other DJI products that support Gyroflow include the Avata FPV drone and O3 Air Unit.

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