New Auterion drone software to improve first responder safety

auterion drone os mission control software 2023 update

Open-source tech provider Auterion has released new versions of its operating system (OS) and mission control software for drone operations, offering improved autonomy and data to law enforcement officers, first responders, and rescue operators.

The company explains that the new version of the Auterion Operating System (OS) and the Auterion Mission Control (AMC) will deliver significant benefits to users who perform Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations.

Here’s what to expect from the fresh update:

Full integration with NextVision payloads

Auterion is expanding its ecosystem of supported payloads to include full integration with NextVision micro stabilized cameras. The company is especially excited about adding support for NextVision Raptor which is a lightweight, long-range dual EO-IR stabilized camera with an electro-optical sensor and 80x zoom and infrared capabilities.

Simplified in-field operations

Overall, drone pilots will now find it easier to operate in dynamic environments, thanks to the tight integration of Auterion’s platform components, the specific trajectory patterns and payload commands triggered by the ground control station, and the payload behavior managed by the onboard software.

For instance, the software has been enabled to undertake several actions that the drone operator historically needed to perform themselves to get the most from ISR missions. The operator now only needs to focus on payload adjustments from Auterion Mission Control, and the aircraft will automatically readjust its trajectory to keep the target always in the field of view.

Improved user experience

The newest version of Auterion Mission Control promises a better user experience courtesy of its improved UI design and an even more simplified mission planning experience. This release features improved commands to make flying and managing operations intuitive and high performing. Auterion further stresses that the user-friendliness of the software ensures that it requires less training and new staff can be onboarded faster.

Markus Achtelik, vice president of engineering at Auterion, says:

Our team works hard to offer operators a seamless experience on their missions by integrating and simplifying every aspect of drone hardware and software. We strive for autonomy so that our users can feel empowered and safe.

Read the full patch notes here.

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