Auterion Stories February 18

Auterion, which you may recall is the largest open-source drone software platform, has partnered with project management firm C2 Group. The company will be deploying Auterion-powered drones for a number of use-case scenarios in the critical infrastructure and utilities industries.

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Auterion Stories January 12

Romeo Durscher, who for years was the public safety face of DJI, has been hired by Auterion. The company is an open-source drone software platform, and Durscher will be the new vice-president of public safety. He brings a wealth of experience to the company, as well as an outstanding reputation amongst First Responders.

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Auterion Stories December 8, 2020

Auterion hires former DJI executive Cynthia Huang

Auterion – the open-source drone software platform we’ve explored on The Buzz – has hired Cynthia Huang, who held a high-profile position at DJI. Huang will be the company’s new VP of Enterprise Business Development.

Auterion Stories September 28, 2020

Drone manufacturers Freefly Systems and Auterion, the open source software for drones system, have jointly announced the production of a new drone. The “Astro Enterprise Drone Solution” combines the expertise from both companies in design, manufacturing, and software innovation to create a product they believe will quickly find a niche in the drone industry.

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Auterion Stories May 5, 2020

Auterion wants to make drones a lot more like smartphones—standardized on a common platform as Android devices are. And of course, they want to standardize drones on their platform. To achieve that, the LA-based company is branching from software into hardware, with a new family of drone avionics modules called Auterion Skynode.

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