New York drone corridor tapped for first 5G network tests in the US

5G New York drone corridor

New York officials have announced the state’s 50-mile drone corridor will be equipped with 5G technology, making it the first in the US to test the cutting-edge communications capabilities for navigation purposes. The decision adds heft to the state’s claim of being a leading force in applied use and development of uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) and related technologies.

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Update: 5G drone brings exclusive MLB Field of Dreams game footage

A 5G-enabled drone developed by Drone Racing League (DRL) and T-Mobile has just made its primetime debut. As one of the first racing drones in the world to have an embedded 5G module capable of live streaming video, the Magenta 5G drone gave baseball fans unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the long-awaited Field of Dreams Game hosted by Major League Baseball (MLB).

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