Drone Racing League Stories September 6

The Drone Racing League is set to hold its first live audience racing event this Sunday at Chase Field in Phoenix. The event is sure to impress with high-speed battles, bright lights, and fierce competition between pilots.

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Drone Racing League Stories September 2

DRL racing pilot Ralph Hogenbirk aka Shaggy FPV took to the skies in Viking Valley Fall in Norway earlier this month with his fpv drone and a GoPro to create amazing drone footage. The flight resulted in a breathtaking video flying low in the valley and around a waterfall.

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DJI Mavic Pro

Drone Racing League Stories August 30

Last year we shared an interview by Dronenr with Nurk, the 2018 Allianz Drone Racing League Championship winner. Today we get to interview Nurk again with some follow-up questions, gain insight into the Drone Racing League, and see where drone racing is heading.

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Drone Racing League Stories August 8

If you have seen drone racing on tv it was likely the DRL. The Drone Racing League (DRL) is the premier racing league for FPV pilots and now they are looking to release the same drone that the pros fly to the public. The drone these professional pilots fly can hit 90 mph in a split second. This beast of a drone could be yours if the Kickstarter campaign they started is funded by October 5th.

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Drone Racing League Stories January 30

If you already read my first post on getting into FPV flight then you know that purchasing a remote transmitter is step one. If you haven’t read that already you’ll want to check that out. Now on to step two, the fun part. The drone, or better yet, the quad. Choosing the correct drone for the beginner FPV pilot is important.  You don’t want to get a full-blown 5″ pro-style quad off the bat. That would be similar to handing a 16-year old the keys to a Lamborghini. Sure some lucky kid might be able to handle it, but is that the best car to learn how to drive? These are my top recommendations for beginners.

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Drone Racing League Stories December 17, 2018

Flying FPV or first-person view can take your drone experience to the next level. ESPN is now televising the Drone Racing League and you can see why it is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sports. If this is something you want to try there are a couple of ways to get started. Some people start with an all-in-one kit like the FatShark101, but that isn’t what we’d recommend. The first thing you need to choose is your remote. Whether you refer to it as a remote, a radio or a transmitter it is the place to start. The drone comes later. You can read about that in Step 2. expand full story

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