Sony shares video footage from Airpeak field testing at subtropical paradise

airpeak video footage

We may not know the full specs or price of Sony’s Airpeak drone yet, but we do know that it can produce amazing results when paired with the company’s Alpha series of full-frame cameras, FX3 10.2MP CMOS video sensor, and G Master lenses.

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Sony Airpeak drone features Gremsy gimbal

As you’ve likely heard, Sony revealed the first clear look at its new Airpeak drone this week. It’s a high-end unit intended for professional aerial photography and cinematography. But it’s not all made by Sony.

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Why Sony’s new Airpeak drone is a big deal

Sony unveiled its new Airpeak drone yesterday. There aren’t many details yet, and the company hasn’t released specifications. But this is, in our view, very significant news.

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