Antares 20E Stories January 18, 2018

The Dutch app PreFlight updated its maps to show summer glider areas after theĀ Lange Antares 20E glider allegedly struck a drone in October last year. The glider pilot was able to safely fly back to the local airstrip but the wingtip of his airplane sustained serious damage.

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Antares 20E Stories October 30, 2017

Last Saturday, a Lange Antares 20E glider was soaring along the Dutch shoreline, when it was struck but a consumer drone. The incident was reported to theĀ Aviation Safety Network as occurrence #200703. According to the report, there were no injuries or fatalities. The glider was able to make it back to the airfield safely. The aircraft sustained significant damage to the wingtip and the drone was destroyed upon impact. No word as of yet on finding the drone pilot.

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