Remote control glider sets speed record: 548 mph

We’re normally all drones, all the time. But something remarkable happened in a side-sector of unmanned aviation: A pilot flying a specialized R/C glider has captured a new global speed record. It’s so remarkable we figured people into drones would appreciate the accomplishment.

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Crashed drone mistaken for small airplane by first aid responders in Costa Rica

Municipal Police of Escazú, Costa Rica and first aid responders rushed to the crash site of what was thought to be a small glider airplane. On closer inspection, the aerial vehicle turned out to be a 10-foot long drone hanging in the crown of a tree.

Nacion reported that the call was received by the 9-1-1 emergency system, which triggered the emergency protocol for the first aid response units. Ambulances and police units were directed to the crash site. The first crew to arrive spotted the plane hanging down from a tree and at a distance it represented an airplane. It wasn’t until the units got closer that they realized that in fact, it was a 10-foot long unmanned aerial vehicle.

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Lange Antares 20E glider was struck by consumer drone

Last Saturday, a Lange Antares 20E glider was soaring along the Dutch shoreline, when it was struck but a consumer drone. The incident was reported to the Aviation Safety Network as occurrence #200703. According to the report, there were no injuries or fatalities. The glider was able to make it back to the airfield safely. The aircraft sustained significant damage to the wingtip and the drone was destroyed upon impact. No word as of yet on finding the drone pilot.

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