Going to pick up some bread in my flying bathtub

The Real Life Guys, who we have seen in this video here two weeks ago, have upped their game! Now one of them took the “bathtub drone” to pick up some bread at the local bakery.

It took these guys a few months to figure out how to get a bathtub to fly ‘safely’ but in the end, they pulled it off. More powerful motors were used and after some careful re-balancing of the lift the props generate, they had their first flight inside a gym hall a couple of weeks ago.

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German engineering brings us the flying bathtub drone

Check out these Germans, the Real Life Guys. They have made a manned bathtub drone. The project started out a few months ago when they ended a video with the question whether their next project should be a flying bicycle or a human drone. In the end, they did both.

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