Germany Stories November 26, 2020

Earlier this week, the top German court said U.S. drone operations based in Germany aren’t required to comply with international law. The decision falls back onto a 2015 decision that found Germany to have satisfied its legal duties and ensure it fulfills “foreign and defense policy interests.”

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Germany Stories September 11, 2020

Passenger drone manufacturer Lilium has partnered with German airports Dusseldorf and Cologne/Bonn to build VTOL passenger drone infrastructure. Lilium plans to bring its fully electric, five-seater aircraft to market by 2025.

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Germany Stories June 9, 2020

Quantum-Systems took to the sky in Munich with its medical delivery drone to test transporting vials of blood. The test drone was able to complete the delivery in just under seven minutes.

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Germany Stories February 9, 2020

Delivery drone company Wingcopter, in partnership with Merck and Frankfurt University, has completed its first drone delivery trial showcasing the benefits of drones as a delivery method. The delivery test spanned over 25 km from a Merck lab in Gernsheim, Germany, to the Merck headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany.

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Germany Stories December 13, 2019

German drone manufacturer Wingcopter scores new funding

German drone manufacturer Wingcopter scores new funding. The startup company has been involved in testing the delivery of medical supplies to remote areas by drone.

Germany Stories June 24, 2019

A drone photo shows a massive crater resulting from a bomb explosion in Germany. The crater is in a barley field near Ahlbach, Germany and according to experts is the result of a WWII bomb explosion that occurred on June 24 of this year. Officials say that the inexplicable explosion that shook residents of a central German town during the early morning hours last Sunday was “with almost absolute certainty” a World War II bomb. Drone photos later captured the crater that resulted from the nighttime explosion.

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